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Sundia EVO Soft Cup G3 Diabolo - Black

Sundia EVO Soft Cup G3 Diabolo - Black

Sundia Evolution Diabolo G3 (Fixed Axle) Soft Cup version.

We also have the G3 available in the Normal Cup version.

The G3 Soft model features transparent cups made from a special version of the Sun diabolo material which has been formulated to make the cups much softer and squashy than normal. The material is very durable and has a much more rubbery feel than usual Sundia cups. This also makes the diabolo feel slightly heavier with more weight emphasis at the rim for better low speed stability.
The transparent cup colours show up really well with Sundia''s white LED lights fitted.
Sundia''s super-bright USB rechargeable LED light kits are available here
Once again the outer cup surface has been specially ''blasted'' to give it a matt finish which reduces friction from the sticks and string making corrections easier.

Cup diameter is 127mm
Width is 145mm
Weight is 260g
You can add 16g by swapping the normal stability ring for the weight ring or remove 18g by using the self locking plastic washers instead of the metal washers (or both).

Ability - All levels - Due to the low weight and high stability this diabolo really is perfect for beginners & kids right through to professional performers.

Note - sold without handsticks

Diabolomoves price   29.95

G3 Soft Cup Axle Type
1 - Fixed Axle Hybrid
2 - Fixed Axle Narrow
3 - 5 Bearing Axle - ADD 17.00

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